If you are man, perhaps you should not use AED on woman

kyushubillOct. 23, 2014 09:42 pm JSTI have a friend who is a doctor here in Nagoya. There was a man at Chikusa Station having a heart attack. My friend gave him CPR. In the process, as can happen, he cracked a few ribs. Giving the man CPR saved his life, but the man later tried to sue my friend for giving him CPR. It took my friend over two years to fight off the lawsuit. Even though he is a doctor, he now says he would just keep walking now.What Japan needs is what every other civilized country has — good Samaritan laws to keep folks like this man and my friend from being in trouble for rendering life saving aid. Otherwise people are just going to keep going on their way and “kankeinai” people needing help.





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Sonne Reisfeld

Sonne Reisfeld


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